Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Peom Tell Me

Tell me

Tell me how you feel. I can't wait.

Tell me the truth, that’s all you have to do.

Tell me that I'm the only one.

Tell me that you love me.

Tell me that you see me with you.

Tell me all the things you see.

Tell me I make you happy.

Tell me you feel I'm happy.

Tell me please. I can't take it anymore!

Tell me you have hope in me.

All you need to do is… tell me. poem

Service-Learning WorkShop


We researched and talked about previous knowledge on stuff we learned or experienced including good grades, behavior, and different skill to balance work. Some of the things that we thought would be positive are:

Meeting new friends
Learning something new
Creative experience
Miss school for the Competition.

It could be stressful
Your group members could become annoying
May cause conflict with members
You could possibly loose a friend.

The Survival tips we used were:
To stay organized
Stay calm and keep your cool
Use your time wisely
Choose your partners wisely
Ask for help when needed
Work first play later
No horseplay
Record all research

Ways to research:
Internet use (make sure all information is up to date and correct)
Use Archive websites

What I Learned Today at the Park

DNA Molecule Phosphate-DNA is a double-stranded molecule twisted into a helix think of a spiral staircase. Each spiraling strand, comprised of a sugar-phosphate backbone and attached bases, is connected to a complementary strand by non-covalent hydrogen bonding between paired bases.

Reason Why I Love U

"I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you. I love you not only for what you have made of yourself, but for what you are making of me. I love you for the part of me that you bring out."


Native Son
Mind Of Bigger

Within this chapter we as readers get an inside perspective of the mindset that Bigger Thomas has on his life. From the time that he spends trying to kill a rat that made it’s way into his one bedroom apartment to the reading of the words “YOU CAN’T WIN” flying across the sky liner of Southside Chicago, and all in between is a young black male who is stuck inside an mindset which can’t seem to stem past the walls of his little mind and more so poverty stricken Southside Chicago. So how will Bigger escape this little world of his, which does not go past those four walls? The answer is yet to be determined…………

Really on the inside...say no

Bigger and his friends come up with a plan to rob a store owned by a white man by the name of Mr. Blum. This is a turning point in the book of fear for the fact that Bigger and his gang have never robbed a white man. As Bigger forces his friend Gus to go along with the plan when he really wants him to say no. But why, Because Bigger is nothing more then a poser under pressure. Bigger really does not want to go along with it but to keep his manly image he will do what ever it takes to keep his name. So will he go through with it? Who knows what will happen at quarter too three…………

Quarter Too Three

At this point Bigger is pleased with the lateness of Gus. He’s happy because he is praying that they do not have to go through with the plan. But not too much later did Gus show up and bigger surly beat that living hell out of him. Bigger did that because he didn’t want to face his fear of robbing a white man. So how did he handle it? Caused a conflict with the group to prevent the plans from going through but in the larger picture to keep his name.

Bloom Taxonomy Questions

1. Who was it that came uo with the plan to rob Mr. Blum's store? Bigger came up with the idea to rob Mr. Blum because at a certain time Mr. Blum was alone in the store, and the cops were no where in sight.

2.What differences exist between a white man killing a black girl, and a black man killing a white girl? The difference between the two is that if a white man killed a black girl it would not be the town's or the cops priority to solve the crime, and they would probably say she was a prostitute. But if a black man killed a white woman they would move mountains to find the killer, and talk so highy of the white girl.

3.Do you know another instance where a black man is the prime suspect for killing a white female? Another instance where a black man is a prime suspect for killing a white female would be the O.J Simpson trial where he allegedly killed his wife.

4.What were some of the motives behind Mary's death? The motives behind the death of Mary was that Bigger was trying not to got caught bringing Mary to her room because she was pissy drunk.

5.What do you think would have happened if Bigger would have just left Mary in the bed as she was and not touched her any more? If Bigger didn't touch any more than he already did, when she was discovered in the morning they would have suspected Bigger because she died after he was hired, but would most likly rule the cause of death would be alcohol posioning.

6. How would you feel if you were Mary's family and knew of her ways? If Mary was my family and I knew how she was I would say it's sad, but it was bound to happen, because she did not live up to the standards of a person with class

Math Games

High School or Middle School math students can create math games for elementary students. The games would help the elementary students get better acquainted with different math concepts, and if the older students were to visit the elementary classrooms in order to teach the games, tutoring skills would be promoted amongst the high school students!